[M4, M. Germano]

Globular cluster M4 as photographed by Martin C. Germano on b/w film.

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    [M4, M. Purcell]

    Michael Purcell's image of globular cluster M4. This image is a CCD image composite, taken from New Mexico.

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    [M4, GCO image]

    GCO image of M4, Antares, and faint globular cluster NGC 6144 (near top center), which is often outshined by bright Antares and difficult to observe visually. See also images of the surrounding nebulae and M4.

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    [M4, UA Astro Club]

    CCD Image of the bright nearby globular cluster M4 in Scorpius by the University of Arizona Astronomy Club.

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    Hartmut Frommert
    Christine Kronberg

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