[M6 and M7, Bill Keel]

This beautiful image of open clusters M6 and M7 with surrounding Milky Way was obtained by Bill Keel of the University of Alabama with a Canon 50mm lens, wide open at f/1.8. It was exposed 30 minutes on Ektachrome 400, taken from Cerro Tololo, Chile.

This image was cropped and magnified from a larger 35-mm slide of the Milky Way central region.

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    [M6 and M7, MAS]

    Image of M6 and M7 by Ray Grover of the Manchester Astronomical Society. This pair of clusters separated by about 3 degrees. Both clusters contain about 80 stars, although there are more bright ones in M7, which is 1 degree across and visible to the naked eye. M6 is about half the size and contains a bright red variable BM Scorpii, which contrasts nicely with the blue of the other stars.

    This image was taken on August 7, 1994, 23:05 UT at COAA, Portugal ,and exposed 10 mins on Ektachrome 400, with a 300mm f4 Pentacon lens on SP mount.

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    Hartmut Frommert
    Christine Kronberg

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