Lagoon Nebula M8 images by Brad Wallis and Robert Provin

[M8 in color, Wallis/Provin]

Phantastic color photo of the Lagoon Nebula M8, exposed 2 hours on Fujicolor Super G 800 film. 155mm f/7.1 Astro-Physics EDF refractor. If you really want to see this image the way it is meant to be seen, turn the lights off!

[M8 b/w, Wallis/Provin]

Two hours on hypered 35mm Kodak Tech Pan. 155mm f/7.1 Astro-Physics EDF refractor. Note the extreme dynamic range shown in this photograph.

[M8 CCD pic, Wallis/Provin]

This fascinating CCD image shows much detail of the Lagoon nebula, including the hourglass nebula in the right, many globules, and a lot of the young stars having formed here.

The images in this page were obtained by Brad Wallis and Robert Provin who kindly contributed them to our database, and are copyrighted. They may be freely used for private purpose. Use in non-commercial public html pages requires appropriate acknowledgement. If you should consider any for-profit use, please contact Robert Provin (robert.provin at

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