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[M16 AAO, full view] [PNG]

Full field of the open star cluster Messier 16, together with the Eagle Nebula from which these stars were created. David Malin created this great color photo from plates taken with the Anglo-Australian Telescope.

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    [M16 AAO, wider field]

    Wider field image from which above image was magnified. Note the faint extensions of luminous matter, as well as dark patterns, beyond the field of the previous image. While the bright, reddish regions are gaseous clouds of photo-ionized hydrogen, the dark lanes are thought to be condensations of dusty matter which might collapse and form more stars at one time.

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    [M16 AAO, central part] [PNG]

    This color photo, also created from photographic plates taken with the Anglo-Australian Telescope by David Malin, shows the central region of the Eagle Nabula and M16.

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