[M31, anonymous source] [PNG]

Superb image of the Andromeda Galaxy M31 and its small elliptical companions M32 and M110 from an anonymous source

This image was probably taken with the Crossley Reflector of Lick Observatory (perhaps November 7, 1937).

[M31, Bill Keel]

The inner part of the Andromeda Galaxy Messier 31 (NGC 224), from a red-light CCD image taken with the Lowell Observatory 1.1m telescope and focal reducer. The area shown is 9 arcminutes on a side (about 6500 light-years (2000 parsecs) at the distance of M31). The bright nucleus is apparent, recently shown to be in fact double as well as the possible site of a massive black hole. The focal reducer produces strongly comatic images (radially stretched) near the corners of the field. Hodge's Atlas of the Andromeda Galaxy lists several cataloged globular clusters in this field; the brightest are G185 at pixel coordinates 216, 265; G189 at 165, 163; and G177 at 297, 294. A few of the inner dust clouds also appear, mainly north of the nucleus (the near side of the galaxy).

Credit: Bill Keel, University of Alabama

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    [M31, Usenet]

    M31 image captured from Usenet

    [M31 in color]


    This image was obtained by Sven Kohle, Till Credner, and T. Fritz of Bonn, Germany on November 6, 1995 at 23:40 UT with the 30-cm astrograph of the Hoher List observatory, with a 2048x2048 CCD camera, exposed 5 minutes thru H-alpha filter. Click on the image to see it in full size. The image is copyrighted by the observers.

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    [M31/32/110, Caltech/Palomar/Miller]

    Superb color image of the Andromeda Galaxy M31 and its companions, M32 and M110, as photographed with the 48-inch Schmidt Telescope on Mt. Palomar, by William C. Miller, digitally processed by David Malin of the Anglo-Australian Observatory. Also note the bright star cloud NGC 206 in the lower right edge of M31's spiral pattern and interesting detail such as bright knots and dark dust lanes, and colors in the spiral structure.

    The image is copyrighted and may be used for private purpose only. For any other kind of use, please contact the Photo Permissions Department (photo at aaoepp.aao.gov.au) of the Anglo-Australian Observatory.

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