The Orion Nebula Region: M42, M43 and NGC 1973-5-7

These images show the Great Orion Nebula M42 (NGC 1976) together with its smaller neighbor, de Mairan's Nebula M43 (NGC 1982), which is actually a part of the Great Nebula, and the more northward and less bright nebulae NGC 1973, 1975, and 1977. All these nebulae are part of an even larger cloud of interstellar matter which is about 1500--1600 light years away and several hundred light years across. For identifying the individual nebulae, look at this map, or at Bill Arnett's map.

[M42/M43 region, Jason Ware]

Jason Ware's color image of M42 with M43 and NGC 1973-5-7

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    [M42/M43 region, Wallis/Provin]

    Brad Wallis and Robert Provin obtained this great color image of the Orion Nebula region, beautifully showing M42, M43 and the reflection nebulae north of them (N is down). It was exposed 30 minutes on (hypered) Fujicolor Super G-800+. 155mm f/7 Astro-Physics EDF refractor.

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    Hartmut Frommert
    Christine Kronberg

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