Other Hubble pictures of M42: Proplyd discovery, newer (November 1995), January 1997, May 1997 (OMC 1 with NIC), August 2000 (Trapezium in IR), April 2001 (Proplyds under hot radiation).

Pre-Repair Hubble Images of the Orion Nebula M42

[oric] [oria]
[orid] [oricomp]

In the following, a composit image is presented: the red, blue, green, and composit color picture.

[red] [blue]
[green] [oria]


An early image of the protoplanetary disks around forming stars, planetary systems in formation.

After its repair by the crew of the Space Shuttle mission STS-61, the Hubble Space Telescope was furtheron used to investigate (and photograph) the Orion nebula. One of its most interesting findings in this star forming region is the discovery of protoplanetary disks (planetary systems `in the making'). Newer results (November 1995) can be found here.

Hartmut Frommert
Christine Kronberg

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