Amateur images of Irregular Galaxy M82

[M82, William McLaughlin]

The Cigar Galaxy M82 as taken by William McLaughlin.

This image is copyrighted; please acknowledge William's work nearest to the image if you use it in your html page, and contact William McLaughlin (ngc253 at if you consider commercial use.

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    [M82, John Sefick]

    John Sefick's image of the Cigar Galaxy M82, taken with a 25-inch Newton and a ST-6 CCD camera.

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    [M82, Jason Ware]

    M82 as photographed by Jason Ware.

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    [M82, M. Purcell]

    Michael Purcell's image of M82, taken on November 22, 1995 at 3:01 with his Meade 10-inch f/6.3 SC Telescope and a ST7 CCD camera, exposed 5 minutes.

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    [M82, M. Germano]

    Martin Germano created this image of irregular edge-on galaxy M82 with his 14.5" f/5 Newtonian, stopped to f6 (12"), exposed 40 minutes on hypered Tech Pan 2415 film.

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