[M105, R. Uyematsu]

CCD image of M105 and its apparent companions by Roy Uyematsu.

This image, oriented approximately with North up, shows elliptical galaxy M105 as the brightest galaxy on the right (West). Above (North) and in the middle is elliptical NGC 3384, while smaller and fainter edge-on spiral NGC 3389 is below (South) them on the left (East) - NGC 3389 is actually a background galaxy.

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    [M105, M. Purcell]

    Michael Purcell's image of M105, taken on December 12, 1993 at 4:05 with his Meade 10-inch f/6.3 SC Telescope and a ST6 CCD camera, exposed 45 times @ 20 seconds.

    The rightmost galaxy in this image is M105. This elliptical galaxy has the added attraction of having two other bright galaxies in the same field of view. NGC 3389 is the small edge-on spiral at the left, while NGC 3384 is in the center.

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    [M105, M. Germano]

    This gorgeous b/w film image, obtained by Martin Germano, shows elliptical galaxy M105 (right/west) together with its neighbors, NGC 3384 (upper left/NE) and small NGC 3389 (lower left). While NGC 3384 is a member of the same group of galaxies as M105 (M96 group), the almost-edge-on Sc spiral NGC 3389 is probably a background object, by chance aligned with the two others to form an attractive trio.

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    [M105, UA Astro Club]

    CCD image of the elliptical galaxy M105 of the M96 or Leo I group by the University of Arizona Astronomy Club.

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