NGC 6124

Open Cluster NGC 6124 (= Lacaille I.8 = Dunlop 514 = Melotte 145 = Collinder 301), type 'e', in Scorpius

[NGC 6124, Kohle/Credner]
Right Ascension 16 : 25.6 (h:m)
Declination -40 : 40 (deg:m)
Distance 18.6 (kly)
Visual Brightness 5.8: (mag)
Apparent Dimension 29 (arc min)

Discovered by Lacaille in 1751-52.

The southern open cluster NGC 6124 was discovered by Abbe Lacaille during his 1751-1752 journey to South Africa.

The image in this page was obtained by Till Credner and Sven Kohle. It was cropped from a larger image, which they had obtained within their Constellations Triangulum Australe, Norma, Ara photography, which also covers parts of Scorpius. The image shown here is a magnification showing the region around open cluster NGC 6124. The original image, covering a celestial area of 27x39 deg in size, was obtained by Sven Kohle on June 11, 1994, 2:23 LT, from Cerro Tololo, Chile, using a 50mm f/2.8 photo lens. It is a 30 min exposure on Scotchchrome 400 film.

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