van den Bergh-Hagen 47

Open Cluster van den Bergh-Hagen 47 (presumably Lacaille III.3, = C 0841-479, perhaps IC 2395 = Collinder 192 = C 0839-480), type 'e', in Vela

Right Ascension 08 : 42.6 (h:m)
Declination -48 : 07 (deg:m)
Distance 3.0 (kly)
Visual Brightness 4.6 (mag)
Apparent Dimension 10 (arc min)

Probably discovered by Lacaille 1751-52.
IC 2395 discovered in 1908 by Bailey.
vdB-Ha 47 discovered in 1975 by van den Bergh and Hagen.

Although often listed as missing Lacaille object, this bright open cluster lies very close to the position and matches well the description of No. III.3 in Lacaille's catalog of 1751-52. Lacaille had observed it on February 17, 1752.

Sidney van den Bergh and Gretchen Luft Hagen cataloged this cluster in 1975 (van den Bergh and Hagen 1975).

In 1995 and according to Archinal and Hynes (2003), Brent Archinal and Brian Skiff figured out that the position in Dreyer's IC catalog, obtained by Bailey (1908), are in considerably good agreement with that of vdB-Ha, i.e. that IC 2395 is identical with this cluster. E.g., Wolfgang Steinicke's Corrected IC Catalog has a position very close to that of this cluster: RA 08:42:30.1, Dec -48:07:32 (2000.0). However, because of an inacurate position by Lund, many modern catalogs have a bad and considerably deviating position for IC 2395, so that the Sky Catalogue 2000.0 as well as the Deep Sky Field Guide to Uranometria (1st edition) list two different clusters, and the NGC 2000.0 has it at a wrong place. There is certainly no obvious object at Lund's position.

IC 2395 was classified as of Trumpler type II 3 p (Sky Catalogue 2000.0) or II 3 m (Götz). Its brightest star is given with 5.53, and from its bluest main sequence star (of spectral type B5), an age of 16 million years was derived.

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