[M3, Jack Newton] [PNG]

Image of the globular star cluster M3 by Jack Newton.

This image was taken by Jack Newton in East Sooke, British Columbia. He uses a Santa Barbara Instrument Group ST 6 CCD camera at the Newtonian focus of his 25 inch f5 telescope. The image is a tri-colour composite, approximately 5 minute exposures.

The image is copyrighted and may not be used for commercial purposes without permission. Call 1-800-387-9010

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    [M3, M. Purcell]

    Michael Purcell's image of M3, taken on May 8, 1993 at 22:51:48 with his Meade 10-inch f/6.3 SC Telescope and a ST6 CCD camera, exposed 150 seconds.

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    [M3, Erik Bryssinck]

    Erik Bryssinck obtained this CCD image of globular cluster M3 from his home about 7 km from Antwerp, Belgium.

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    [M3, UA Astro Club]

    CCD Image of the globular cluster M3 in Canes Venatici by the University of Arizona Astronomy Club.

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    Hartmut Frommert
    Christine Kronberg

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