[M3, Greg Bothun] [PNG]

Image of globular cluster M3 from Greg Bothun's collection at the University of Oregon

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    [M3 in color] [PNG]

    M3 in color. Captured from Usenet. Also in Patrick Murphy's collection.

    [M3, anonymous source] [PNG]

    M3 image from an anonymous source

    [M3, FLWO]

    Image of Globular Cluster M3, taken at Mt. Hopkins on the 1.2m telescope at the Whipple Observatory by Peter Challis, Center for Astrophysics, Harvard University.

  • This image was featured as Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) of December 6, 1996 and of July 19, 1998
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  • Lowell Observatory Photo of M3
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    Hartmut Frommert
    Christine Kronberg

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