[M39, T. Hunter/D. Kraus]

Tim Hunter and Dan Kraus took this beautiful color film image of open cluster M39 in Cygnus from Grassland Observatory near Tucson, Arizona, during their historic Photographic Messier Marathon on March 19/20, 1988. They used Grassland Observatory's 24-inch f/5 Newtonian and an Olympus OM1 camera, exposing on hypersensitized Konica SR-V 3200 film.

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    [M39, J. Jan Wisniewski]

    Jan Wisniewski took this image of open cluster M39 in Cygnus. It is autoguided 20 min. exposure on Ektachrome P1600 slide film taken on Oct.26, 1998 through Ultima 8 f/6.3 from Sooke, BC.

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    [M39, M. Oates/MAS]

    Image of M39 by Michael Oates of the Manchester Astronomical Society.

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    Hartmut Frommert
    Christine Kronberg

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