Messier Object Images by Tim Hunter and James McGaha

Tim Hunter and James McGaha own three fine amateur observatories near Tucson, and operate them in close cooperation: Grasslands Observatory, 3towers Observatory, and Sabino Canyon Observatory. The Grassland Observatory has a 24-inch f/5 equatorially mounted Newton (f/5) - classical Cassegrain (f/20) telescope, with an Apogee AP 7 CCD camera. 3towers Observatory is equipped with a 12-inch Meade LX-200 computerized telescope and Apogee KX260 CCD camera, connected to a PC, and able to be run semi-automatized via remote control. Sabino Canyon Observatory houses a 12-inch Meade LX 200 telescope with a Spectra Source HPC-1 CCD camera. Many more astronomical images are available on Tim Hunter's website, notably a gallery of all Messier Objects in Color, and a Photographic Messier Marathon Album, the results of the first-ever reported photographic Messier Marathon of March 19/20, 1988.

Hartmut Frommert
Christine Kronberg

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