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  • Index of Messier Objects with image icons or in text mode
  • Messier Object Datafile with image icons or in text mode
  • Messier Objects by Type, Right Ascension, Declination, or visual magnitude
  • Messier Objects by Constellation in image icons or in text mode or as short table
  • Messier Object Photo List in image icons or in text mode (including world wide links).
  • Messier's Original Catalog of Nebulae and Star Clusters - Scans of the Original Messier Catalog, Messier biography, & other Historic Messier Stuff
  • Historical Observations and Descriptions of the Messier Objects

  • Icon Sheet: Clickable icons for all Messier objects in one screen,
    or static Messier poster (195k jpg).
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    More Messier Posters
  • [Image Browser] Quick browser for our Messier images
  • [DSSM]DSSM image browser (Images from the Digital Sky Survey, collected by Bill Arnett)
  • Messier Object Of The Week
  • Midnight Culminations: When to observe the Messier Objects best
  • Homogeneous brightness and size estimates of the Messier Objects, by Don Machholz
  • NGC and IC numbers associated with Messier objects
  • Cross-Reference list of other catalog numbers for Messier objects
  • Messier objects as in Sky Atlas and Sky Catalogue 2000.0
  • Messier Objects in the Uranometria 2000.0 (data from Deep Sky Field Guide)
  • Messier Objects in APOD (from NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day)
  • NED data for the Messier Objects (from the NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database (NED))
  • Messier Catalog References
  • Complete Icon Reference
  • Some basis astronomical terms used in the Messier pages; small deep sky glossary

  • Messier Marathon: The Ultimate Observing Experience
  • The Hottest Messier Stuff Available
  • Constellation index of all constellations containing at least one Messier object; Constellations and Stars pages (Chris Kronberg)
  • Other Catalogs and Observing Lists more or less similar to the Messier Catalog
  • Historical Deep Sky Objects: List of all 152 Deep Sky Object discovered before William Herschel began his extensive survey in September, 1782, in various formats
  • Indexes for the Non-Messier Objects in this database
  • Biographies of Deep Sky Astronomers: Discoverers, Persons important for the Messier Catalog or in Messier's life, Comet Discoverers, etc.
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