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Individual object icons usually lead to the corresponding object's main page (see e.g. our object index, data file, the object index sorted by constellation, or the supplementary pages for the objects), and in many cases it is clear from the context where certain icons are linked to. Moreover, several icons occur for which the link may be not so obvious (unless you try); a hopefully complete list of them is given below:

  • [SEDS] SEDS Home
  • [MAA] MAA Home
  • [Home] Messier Homepage
  • [Indexes] Indexes or Icon sheet
  • [Backward] Backward: Previous object
  • [Forward] Forward: Next object
  • [Next Cluster] Next Cluster
  • [Next Nebula] Next Nebula
  • [Next Galaxy] Next Galaxy
  • [Image Browser] Quick Browser
  • [DSSM] DSSM image browser
  • [M History] Charles Messier history pages
  • [PNG Image] PNG format image available on click
  • [en] [de] [it] [fr] Flag icons lead to foreign language pages
  • [HST] [UIT] Observatory and spacecraft icons lead to the corresponding image index pages (here: HST, UIT)
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