[m57, Jack Newton] [PNG]

Image of the Ring Nebula M57 by Jack Newton.

This image was taken by Jack Newton in East Sooke, British Columbia. He uses a Santa Barbara Instrument Group ST 6 CCD camera at the Newtonian focus of his 25 inch f5 telescope. The image is a tri-colour composite, approximately 5 minute exposures.

The image is copyrighted and may not be used for commercial purposes without permission. Call 1-800-387-9010

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    [M57, Martin Germano]

    M57 as photographed by Martin Germano. This great b/w photograph was obtained with Martin's self-made 14.5" f/5 Newtonian, stopped to f6 (12"), exposed 15 minutes on hypered Tech Pan 2415. This is a single exposure taken from Martin's house in Thousand Oaks, CA.

    [M57, 2002 pic, M Germano]

    A newer exposure of M57, also from Martin Germano. He took this photograph in October 2002 with his 14.5-inch f/5 Newtonian stopped to f/6 (12-inch); a 10/11 minutes exposure on hypered Tech Pan 2415, from Figueroa Peak (Lookout, CA). The October ten minute image was "fixed" in Photoshop to mask the 'trailing' in over a dozen stars that was caused by a wind gust near the end of the exposure. This image is a Picture Window 2.5 blend of the October 2002 image and an August 1995 eleven minute (at f/6) image taken from Martin's house in Thousand Oaks.

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    [M57, Michael Weiland]

    Michael Weiland's image of the Ring Nebula M57.

    Taken on August 28, 1990 with the 48-inch f=4 meter RC telescope of the Sternwarte Kreuzlingen (Switzerland). Exposed 10 minutes on T-Max-3200.

    Michael is amateur astronomer and a member of the Interessengemeinschaft Astronomie an der Universität Konstanz (Astronomy Interest Group at the University of Constance).

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    [M57, John Sefick]

    Ring Nebula M57 image by John Sefick, taken with a 25-inch Newton and a ST-6 CCD camera.

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    [M57, Peyro/Barilliot/Lefevre]

    French amateurs Michel Peyro, Jean-Philippe Barrilliot, and Franck Lefevre of the Observatoire Astronomique obtained this tri-color image of M57 with a 600 mm f/3.2 Newtonian telescope.

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    [M57, T. Hunter/J. McGaha]

    This image was obtained by Tim Hunter and James McGaha from their Grasslands Observatory near Tucson, Arizona. They used a 24.5-inch reflecting telescope and Apogee AP-7 CCD camera. Notice also the small background galaxy IC 1296.

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    [M57, W. McLaughlin]

    William McLaughlin took this colorful CCD image of the Ring Nebula, Messier 57. This is a true color image. William took it at his ARGO Observatory with a RC Optical Systems 12.5-inch RC telescope at f/9, mounted on an Astro-Physics 1200GTO mount. It is a composite of four images with an SBIG ST10E CCD camera, exposed 5 minutes each, and 8 exposures for each color, with a FLI "Dream Machine", 1 minute each for red and blue, and 45 seconds for green. The image was taken in May, 2001.

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