George Phillips Bond (May 25, 1826 - February 2, 1865)

Born on May 25, 1826 in Dorchester, Massachusetts, as son of William Cranch Bond.

Died in Cambridge, Massachusetts on February 2, 1865.

G.P. Bond and his father, W.C. Bond, have been honored by naming a moon crater Bond (33.2S, 36.0W, 110.6 km diameter, in 1973). A region on Saturn's moon Hyperion, which they co-discovered, is called Bond-Lassell Dorsum (48.0N, 143.5W, named 1982). Asteroid (767) Bondia was discovered on September 23, 1913 by J. H. Metcalf at Winchester observatory and provisionally designated 1913 SX; other independent findings had been designated A902 SA, 1929 OA, 1933 FO1, 1938 DQ2, 1957 UR, 1958 XA1, and 1959 AD.


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