Ernst Hartwig (January 14, 1851 - May 3, 1923)

Carl Ernst Albrecht Hartwig was born in Frankfurt on January 14, 1851.

On August 20, 1885, he discovered a New Star in the Andromeda "Nebula" (M31); this was actually supernova 1885, also named S Andromedae. He also discovered four NGC objects (NGCs 5176, 5177, 5186 and 5405) and independently rediscovered a fifth (NGC 6508, previously found by Swift); these are all faint galaxies of 14th and 15th photographic magnitude.

Ernst Hartwig passed away on May 3, 1923.

He was honored by naming a Moon Crater (6.1S, 80.5W, 79.0 km diameter, named in 1964) and a Mars Crater (39.0S, 16.0W, 105.0 km, in 1973) after him.


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