Johann Abraham Ihle (June 14, 1627 - 1699?)

Johann Abraham Ihle is credited with the discovery of the first known globular cluster, M22, which he found in 1665 when observing Saturn in Sagittarius, according to Halley, De Chéseaux and Messier, although others have speculated that Hevelius may have seen it previously.

In all other respects, little is known of this German amateur astronomer. He was born on June 14, 1627 in Germany, possibly in Leipzig, where he worked as a post-office official. His activities as an amateur astronomer include observations of sunspots (1680-1687), planets and comets. He was a friend of Hevelius and in particular Kirch to whom he was in close and continued contact. He was active as observer until 1695 and died probably in 1699 or a little later in Leipzig.

A note of Admiral Smyth that Ihle may be identical to Abraham Hill of the Royal Society in London is probably erroneous.

Thanks to Wolfgang Steinicke for contributing most of the biographical infos on Ihle.



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