Evered Kreimer (c. 1921 - ?)

Evered Kreimer became an amateur astronomer during his high school years. Another even earlier hobby was photography. After college and wartime services he did various business endeavors. In the early 1960's, he began with serious astrophotography.

Kreimer is author (together with John Mallas) of The Messier Album, one of the first and most comprehensive books on the objects in Messier's catalog, where he contributed the photographs of the Messier objects (all but M102). He had obtained these black & white film photographs with a 12.5-inch f/7 Newtonian reflector, a Cave Astrola, from his observatory in Prescott, Arizona between December 1963 and March 1970 (all objects but the then-"missing" M91 and lately-added M110 had been photographed to October 1966; these two images have been obtained with another telescope, the 16-inch f/8 reflector of Richard Lines).

Kreimer's photos were taken on Kodak Tri-X film cooled to -109 deg Fahrenheit (-78 Centigrade), in a camera integrated with an eyepiece in a guiding head (described in Mallas/Kreimer 1978).

According to Forrest Lockhart (Lockhart 2003) as of August, 2003, Kreimer's telescope and camera is now being owned by Larry Hardin, the owner of Hardin Optical and successor of Cave Optical, in Oregon, and in process of being restored.



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