Abbe Jean Picard (July 21, 1620 - July 12, 1682)

French priest and astronomer, born in La Fleche, Anjou, was first Prior of Rille in Anjou and became founding member of the French Royal Academy of Sciences in 1666. He pioneered in telescopic position measuring when in 1667-68, he and Adrien Auzout (1622-91) constructed a telescopic sight, attached it to a 38-inch quadrant, and acurately determined positions on Earth.

Picard founded the French ephemeris, the Connoissance des Temps, in 1679, and continued as an editor until his death in 1682.

According to de Mairan, Picard discovered the 4th Trapezium star in M42, as documented by a manuscript drawing of March 20, 1673.

Picard was honored by naming Moon crater Picard (14.6N, 54.7E, 22 km diameter) in 1935.



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