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Astro Notes -- Index

  • Astro Note 1 Polar Alignment in the Field --- Two techniques to polar align before you begin observing.
  • Astro Note 2 Astronomical League Services --- A list of the services available to you with your League membership.
  • Astro Note 3 Observing Data Sheet --- A template for a form you can use to record your observations.
  • Astro Note 4 Astronomical League History and Organization --- Background information on the League.
  • Astro Note 5 Astronomical League Membership and Benefits --- The membership categories and benefits of each.
  • Astro Note 6 Club Constitution or Bylaws --- Basic information on writing your own guiding documents.
  • Astro Note 7 Astronomical Pronunciation Guide - I --- How to pronounce the names of constellations and bright stars.
  • Astro Note 8 Winter Star Watching Project - Pleiades --- Participate in a project to measure the effects of light pollution.
  • Astro Note 9 Tax Exempt Status --- Basic information to making your organization non-profit and tax exempt.
  • Astro Note 10 What Time Is It? --- Different ways that time is measured in astronomy.
  • Astro Note 11 Celestial Coordinate Systems --- The various ways that an object's position in the sky can be stated.
  • Astro Note 12 Observing Programs of the Astronomical League --- List of the observing awards of the League and the qualifications for achieving each.
  • Astro Note 13 Using Setting Circles --- How to find objects in the sky using setting circles.
  • Astro Note 14 Astronomical Pronunciation Guide - II --- How to pronounce the names of the planets, their satellites and prominent surface features.
  • Astro Note 15 Accurate Polar Alignment --- Two techniques to accurately align your equatorial mounting for astrophotography.
  • Astro Note 16 Astrophotography I - Star Trails --- How to take star trail and constellation photographs with an unguided camera.
  • Astro Note 17 Astrophotography II - Projection Systems --- Projection systems to obtain a larger image scale for lunar, planetary and other narrow field astrophotography.
  • Astro Note 18 Basic Astronomical Data --- Quick reference guide to the solar system, nearest stars, the Milky Way, and other embarrassing questions that come up at star parties.
  • Astro Note 19 So, You Want to Buy a Telescope? --- A ready answer for those queries around Christmas or at Astronomy Day.
  • Astro Note 20 Index and Order Form --- This index to Astronotes issued so far.
  • Astro Note 21 Organizing an Astronomy Club --- Basic information on getting a new club started.
  • Astro Note 22 Preparing and Presenting a Paper --- Tips on presenting a paper at your local club, regional or national conventions.
  • Astro Note 23 Reporting a Discovery --- How to properly report that new comet or supernova.
  • Astro Note 24 The Professional Astronomer --- Think you want to turn pro? Here are some tips.
  • Astro Note 25 Observing Programs of the Astronomical League II -- Solar System Programs

    You may also use the official AL Astro Note index

    The Astronomy League's Observing Programs and Club Certificates

    The AL grants certificates for (at least most of) the observing projects they propose. The stuff which is linked in this file is definitely the work of the Astronomical League, not mine; I have only made this index and the links.

    Hartmut Frommert
    Christine Kronberg

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