Messier Object Images from the Observatories

Here we list observatories which have provided images of Messier objects. They were often sources for our pages.

Some of these sites make their photos available in other formats also. You are welcome to take the List of Great Observatories making Astronomical Photographs publicly available as a starting point.

A copyright sign © indicates sources whose materials are restricted for other than private usage. The lack of this sign, however, does not necessarily imply that usage is not restricted. Please read our usage regulations page for more detailed informations on using the materials in our pages.

The following space-bound observatories (i.e., astronomical satellites, and telescopes on spacecraft) are also represented in our pages with Messier object images: There are also some amateurs and amateur groups who have contributed images:

This page is currently under construction and not yet complete.

Hartmut Frommert
Christine Kronberg

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