Hubble Types of Galaxies

as illustrated by the Messier galaxies
A turned-around and mirrored Hubble tuning-fork.

"Early" Hubble types are top, "late" bottom in this diagram. For spirals, "Bar" structures move a galaxy to the right.

As almost all galaxies, the 40 galaxies in Messier's catalog (including the M102 candidate NGC 5866) find their place in the Hubble type diagram, as shown below.

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M110, E6pec

M59, E5

M49, E4

M32, cE2

M60, E2

M87, E1

M105, E1

M89, E0

M84, S0+

M86, S0+

M85, S0(s)+

M102/NGC 5866, S0_3

M104, Sa

M65, SABa

M81, Sab

M94, S(r)ab

M64, Sab

M77, SABab

M90, SABab

M96, SABab

M98, SABab

M31, Sb

M88, Sb

M58, SABb

M66, SABb

M91, SBb

M95, SBb

M63, Sbc

M51, Sbc

M100, SABbc

M106, SABbc

M61, SABbc

M109, SBbc

M74, Sc

M99, Sc

M83, SABc

M33, Scd

M101, SABcd

M108, SBcd

M82, Ir-II

Hartmut Frommert
Christine Kronberg

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