Some Historic Deepsky Object Catalogs

Certainly, the most outstanding historical Deep Sky Object catalog is the Messier Catalog, which is also the subject of this online database. Here we give links to some of the other early Deep Sky Object catalogs, historically before and contemporary to Messier's, but all before Herschel's great survey.
We would like to include more of the historic catalogs of "nebulous objects" mentioned in our History of Deepsky Discovery here. Also, if you know of further historic Deep Sky catalogs (especially if suited for amateur observing or "work-thru") please contact me.
  • History of the Discovery of the Deepsky Objects
  • Historical Deep Sky Objects: List of all 152 Deep Sky Object discovered before William Herschel began his extensive survey in September, 1782, in various formats
  • More Deepsky Catalogs and Observing Lists
    Hartmut Frommert
    Christine Kronberg

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