A Collection of Some Common Names for Deep Sky Objects

compiled by Hartmut Frommert

Note: This list only covers non-stellar deepsky objects (nebulae, star clusters, and galaxies). For stars, see the link below.

Common names for deep sky objects are usually assigned for either the constellation where the object is situated, or to honor the discoverer, or to describe the object's appearance in a way easy to remember; but there are no rules for assigning common names. A notable case is the radioastronomical names included here, after a constellation and an uppercase letter in the order of radio brightness, such as Virgo A or Orion B; this scheme was introduced by J.G. Bolton and G.J. Stanley around 1950.
Name                         NGC/IC     M     Notes

4-5 Vulpeculae Cluster 19:25.4 +20:11 Collinder 399 open cluster, also Coathanger Cl., Al Sufi's Cl., Brocchi's Cl. 9-12 Geminorum Cluster 06:18.0 +23:38 Cr 89 cluster including 9, 10, 11 and 12 Gem (Archinal/Hynes) 20 Vulpeculae Cluster N6885 (Archinal/Hynes) 30 Doradus N2070 Tarantula Nebula in LMC, also Looped Nebula, True Lovers' Knot 47 Tucanae N 104 "37" Cluster N2169 (Goldstein, Archinal/Hynes), also "LE" cluster Al Sufi's Cluster 19:25.4 +20:11 Collinder 399 open cluster, also Coathanger Cl., Brocchi's Cl., 4-5 Vul Cl. Alpha Persei Cluster 03:22 +49 Melotte 20 open cluster Ambartsumian's Knot N3561 Andromeda A N 224 M31 the Andromeda Galaxy Andromeda Galaxy N 224 M31 also radio source Andromeda A Andromeda I 00:45.7 +38:00 in Local Group Andromeda II 01:16.3 +33:27 in Local Group Andromeda III 00:35.3 +36:31 in Local Group Andromeda IV 00:42.5 +40:34 former Local Group candidate Andromeda V 01:10.3 +47:38 in Local Group Andromeda VI 23:51.7 +24:36 also Pegasus dSph, in Local Group Andromeda VII 03:27.8 +50:35 also Cassiopeia dSph, in Local Group Andromeda VIII 00:42.3 +40:37 in Local Group Andromeda IX 00:52.9 +43:12 in Local Group Andromeda X 01:06.6 +44:48 in Local Group Anon Platais 21:30.0 +48:59 Open Cluster with Cepheid V1726 Cyg (U II 2000.0) Anonymous vdB cluster 06:37.1 +03:04 Open Cluster vdB 1 (SIMBAD, Archinal/Hynes), also CV Mon cl Ant Galaxy 10:56.9 +06:54 UGC 6046 SBcd: galaxy (U II 2000.0) Ant Nebula 16:17.2 -51:59 PK 331-1.1 bipolar nebula Antares Cluster 16:26.0 -26:13 Cr 302 open cluster (SC 2000.0) Antares Nebula I4606 16:29.2 -26:27 Ced 132, near Antares, also Cloud Nebula Antennae Galaxies N4038-9 also Ring Tail Galaxies, VV 245 Antlia Dwarf 10:04.1 -27:20 in Local Group Apple Core Nebula N6853 M27 (J.R. Freeman); also the Dumbbell Nebula Apple Core Nebula N 650-1 M76 (Mike Frazier); also Little Dumbbell, Cork, or Butterfly Nebula Aquarius Dwarf, AqrDIG 20:46.9 -12:51 DDO 210, MCG -2-53-3, in Local Group Argo Dwarf 07:04.5 -58:27 nearby LSB dwarf galaxy, also Carina II Arp's Galaxy 11:19.6 +51:30 almost stellar galaxy Atom For Peace Galaxy N7252 Arp 226 Auriga Salt-and-Pepper N2099 M37 (H. Frommert and Jeff Bondono) BL Lacertae 22:02.7 +42:17 BW Tauri 04:33.2 +05:21 UGC 3087, 3C 120 Baade's Galaxies A & B 00:49.9 +42:35 MCG+07-02-018/19 Barbell Nebula N 650-1 M76 also Little Dumbbell, Butterfly, or Cork Nebula; Apple Core Nebula (Mike Frazier) Barbon's Galaxy 23:37.7 +30:08 Markarian 328, Zwicky 497.042, CGCG 497-42 Barnard's Galaxy N6822 Barnard's Loop 05:35 -03: Sharpless 2-276, H V.35 ? Baxendall's Nebula N7088 Baxendall's unphotographable Nebula Bear Paw (Claw) Galaxy N2537 Arp 6 Beehive Cluster N2632 M44 also Praesepe Black Eye Galaxy N4826 M64 also "Sleeping Beauty Galaxy" Black Hole 18:15.6 -18:14 Barnard 92 dark nebula, in M24 Blinking Planetary N6826 Blue Flash Nebula N6905 (Deep Sky List) Blue Planetary N3918 Blue Snowball N7662 Bode's Galaxies (Nebulae) N3031/4 M81/M82 Bode's Galaxy, Bode's Nebula N3031 M81 (Murdin/Allen/Malin 1979) Boomerang Nebula 12:44.8 -54:31 Bipolar Nebula Box N4169/73-5 Box Nebula N6309 Brocchi's Cluster 19:25.4 +20:11 Collinder 399 open cluster, also Coathanger Cl., Al Sufi's Cl., 4-5 Vul Cl. Bubble Nebula N7635 Bug Nebula N6302 Burbidge Chain 00:47.5 -20:26 MCG-04-03-010..3 galaxies Burnham's Nebula 04:22.0 +19:32 T Tauri Nebula Butterfly Cluster N6405 M6 (`Splendors of the Heavens', Phillips/Steaphenson 1923) Butterfly Cluster N2447 M93 (Jeff Bondono) Butterfly Nebula N 650-1 M76 also Little Dumbbell, Cork, or Barbell Nebula; Apple Core Nebula (Mike Frazier) Butterfly Nebula I2220 Butterfly Nebula M2-9 bipolar nebula, also Siamese Squid Nebula, Twinjet Nebula Butterfly Nebula 17:05.6 -10:08 PK 10+18.2 planetary nebula CM Tauri SN 1054, Crab supernova which generated M1, the Crab Nebula; Crab Pulsar Calabash Nebula 07:42.3 -14:42 OH 231.8+4.2, planetary nebula in Pup (around QX Pup), also Rotten Egg Nebula California Nebula N1499 Camelopardalis A 04:37.2 +71:31 nearby dwarf galaxy Campbell's Star 19:34.8 +30:31 central star HD 184738 (BD+30 3639) of planetary nebula PK 64-5.1 (PK G64.7+5.0) Canali 12:35.7 -12:02 open cluster or asterism (Canali 1997, U II 2000.0) Canis Major Dwarf 07:20 -30 dwarf galaxy in Local Group; closest statellite to our Milky Way Capricorn Dwarf 21:46.5 -21:14 UGCA 421, A 2144; Globular Cluster Palomar 12 (former Local Group galaxy suspect) Carafe Galaxy, Cannon's 04:28.0 -47:54 near NGC 1595/98 Carafe Group N1595/8 + Carafe Galaxy Carina Dwarf 06:41.6 -50:58 ESO 206-A20 in Local Group Carina II Dwarf 07:04.5 -58:27 nearby LSB dwarf galaxy, also Argo Dwarf Cartwheel Galaxy 00:37.4 -33:44 MCG-06-02-022a Cassiopeia A 23:23.4 +58:50 3C 461. SNR and strongest radio source in sky Cassiopeia dSph 03:27.8 +50:35 also Andromeda VII, in Local Group Cassiopeia Salt-and-Pepper N7654 M52 (H. Frommert and Jeff Bondono) Cat Eye Nebula N6543 Cat's Paw Nebula N6334 (Jerry Lodriguss, S&T 8/98) Cave Nebula 22:56.8 +62:37 Sh2-155 Diffuse Nebula CBS Eye N3242 (Deep Sky List); also Jupiter's Ghost Centaurus A N5128 Arp 153 Centaurus Chain N4616/22/50/61 galaxy chain, also NGC 4603D, 4622A/B, 4650A (U II 2000.0) Cetus A N1068 M77 Cetus Dwarf 00:26.1 -11:02 in Local Group Checkmark Nebula N6618 M17 also Omega, Swan, Horseshoe, or Lobster Nebula Chi Persei N 884 Double Cluster with NGC 869 (h Persei) Christmas Tree Cluster N2264 associated with the Cone Nebula Cigar Galaxy N3034 M82 (Tom Polakis) Circinus Galaxy 14:13.2 -65:20 Highly obscured spiral galaxy Cirrus Nebula N6960,92,95 Cygnus SNR, Cygnus Loop, Veil Nebula Cleopatra's Eye N1535 (Alicia Tristan) Cloud Nebula I4606 16:29.2 -26:27 Antares Nebula, Ced 132 Clown Nebula, Clown Face N. N2392 also Eskimo Nebula Coalsack 12:53 -63 7-by-5 deg dark nebula near Alpha Crucis Coathanger Cluster 19:25.4 +20:11 Collinder 399 open cluster, also Brocchi's Cl., Al Sufi's Cl., 4-5 Vul Cl. Cocoon Galaxy N4490 Cocoon Nebula I5146 Coddington's Nebula I2574 Coma A 12:54.2 +27:38 3C 277.3, PCG 43882 active galaxy Coma Pinwheel Galaxy N4254 M99 (prop based on RASC) Coma Star Cluster 12:26 +26 Melotte 111 open cluster Cone Nebula (Conus N.) N2264 associated with the Christmas Tree Cluster Cooling Tower N6913 M29 (Jeff Bondono) Copeland's Septet N3745-6/8/50-1/3-4 Cork Nebula N 650-1 M76 also Little Dumbbell, Butterfly, or Barbell Nebula; Apple Core Nebula (Mike Frazier) Crab Nebula N1952 M1 (Rosse 1844) Crab Pulsar NP0532, central star of the Crab Nebula M1 Crescent Nebula N6445 Crescent Nebula N6888 Crowbar Galaxy N4656 (Chris Schur) CV Mon cluster 06:37.1 +03:04 Open cl vdB 1 (SIMBAD, Archinal/Hynes), also Anonymous vdB cl Cygnus A 19:59.4 +40:43 MCG+07-41-003 Cygnus Egg 21:02.3 +36:42 CRL 2688, AFGL 2688 planetary nebula; also Egg N. Cygnus Loop N6960,92,95 Cygnus SNR, Veil Nebula, Cirrus Nebula Dark Doodad 12:25.0 -71:30 dark nebula 150x15' (U II 2000.0) De Mairan's Nebula N1982 M43 Part of the Orion Nebula Delle Caustiche > N6603 M24 (Secchi), also Sagittarius Star Cloud, Milky Way Patch Delta Lyrae Cluster 18:54.5 +36:54 Stephenson 1 open cluster (SIMBAD, Archinal/Hynes) Diablo Nebula N6853 M27 (Jeff Bondono, Sky Cat 2000), also the Dumbbell Nebula Double Cluster N 869/84 h+Chi Persei Double-Headed Shot N6853 M27 (Jeff Bondono, Sky Cat 2000), also the Dumbbell Nebula Draco Dwarf 17:20.2 +57:55 DDO 208, UGC 10822; in Local Group Dragon Nebula < N5623 < M8 Part of the Lagoon Nebula (Sky Cat. 2000) Dragonfly Cluster N 457 (Sue French; contributed by Akkana Peck), also Phi Cassiopeiae Cluster, Owl Cluster, ET Cluster Duck Nebula N2359 (Deep Sky List) Dumbbell Nebula N6853 M27 also Diablo Nebula (Jeff Bondono), Double-Head Shot (Jeff Bondono), Apple Core Nebula (J.R. Freeman) Dumbbell Nebula, Little N 650-1 M76 (Sky Catalogue 2000) also Cork, Butterfly, or Barbell Nebula; Apple Core Nebula (Mike Frazier) E Nebula B142-143 Barnard 142-143 (Constellation Aquila Chronicle) Eagle Nebula I4703 ~ M16 also Star Queen Nebula; associated with cluster M16=NGC 6611 Eagle Nebula I2177 also Seagull Nebula Egg Nebula 21:02.3 +36:42 CRL 2688, AFGL 2688, PK 80-6.1 planetary nebula; also Cygnus Egg Eight-burst Planetary N3132 also Southern Ring Einstein Cross 22:39.6 +03:21 G 2237+0305 gravitational lens Elephant Trunk < I1396 21:37.1 +57:29 Nebula in IC 1396 cluster Epsilon Orionis Nebula N1990 Eridanus Globular Cluster 04:24.8 -21:11 (Sky Catalogue 2000.0) Eskimo Nebula N2392 also Clown Nebula ET Cluster N 457 (Rory Barnes) also Owl Cluster, Phi Cassiopeiae Cluster, Dragonfly Cluster Eta Carinae Nebula N3372 Exclamation Mark Galaxy 00:39.3 -43:06 Eye Nebula N3242 also Ghost of Jupiter, CBS Eye Eyes N4435/8 in Virgo Cluster Fath 703 N5892 Filamentary Nebula N6960 part of Veil Nebula Firefly Party Cluster N3532 (Paulo Oshikawa, Brasil) Fish on the platter nebula 19:59 +35 B144 dark nebula Fish mouth < M42 dark nebula in M42 Flame Nebula N2024 also Orion B Flaming Star Nebula I 405 Footprint Galaxy 12:58.7 +14:13 GR-8, Imprint of Foot Galaxy, in Local Group Footprint Nebula 19:36.6 +29:33 M1-92 bipolar reflection nebula Fornax A N1316 Arp 154 Fornax Dwarf 02:39.9 -34:32 MCG-06-07-001; in Local Group Fourcade-Figuero 13:34.8 -45:33 MCG-07-28-004 Frosty Leo 09:39.9 +11:59 (R. Jakiel) IRAS 09371+1212, a neat bi-polar nebula GR 8 (Gibson Reaves) 12:58.7 +14:13 DDO 155, UGC 8091; Footprint Galaxy, Imprint of Foot Galaxy; in Local Group Gamma Cassiopeiae Nebula I 59,63 Gamma Cygni Nebula I1318 Gamma Leonis Group N3185,87,90,95 (group of galaxies) Garland 10:04.2 +68:40 S of NGC 3077 Gem Cluster N3293 Ghost Head Nebula N2080 in LMC, near NGC 2070 Ghost of Jupiter N3242 also Eye Nebula, CBS Eye Golf of Mexico < N7000 dark nebula in NGC 7000, the North America Nebula Gomez's Hamburger 18:09:13.4 -32:10:49 14.5 mag, < 5" bipolar nebula IRAS 18059-3211 (Rich Jakiel) Graff's Cluster I4756 Grus Quartet N7552/82/90/99 Gum Nebula 08:30 -45 Gum 12. Also Vela SNR, 20x12 deg extended. Contains Vela pulsar (PSR 0833-45). h Persei N 869 Double Cluster with NGC 884 (Chi Persei) Hamburger Galaxy N5128 (Akkana Peck), also Centaurus A Hardcastle's Galaxy 13:13.0 -32:41 MCG-05-31-039 Heart Nebula I1805 (Matt BenDaniel) Heart-Shaped Cluster N2323 M50 (Jeff Bondono) Helix Galaxy N2685 Arp 336; also Pancake Galaxy Helix Nebula N7293 Hercules A 16:51.2 +04:59 3C 348, MCG+01-43-006 Hercules Globular Cluster N6205 M13 Herring Galaxy (Nebula) N4631 (interstellarum No. 3); also Whale Galaxy Herschel's Ray N2736 Hind's Variable Nebula N1554/5 Hoag's Object 15:17.2 +21:35 PGC 54559, PRC D-51; Polar Ring Galaxy in Serpens Hole in a Cluster N6811 (Scott Houston, from Uranometria) Holmberg I 09:40.5 +71:11 DDO 63, UGC 5139 Holmberg II 08:19.3 +70:43 Arp 268, DDO 50, UGC 4305 Holmberg III 09:14.6 +74:14 UGC 4841 Holmberg IV 13:54.7 +53:54 DDO 185, UGC 8837 Holmberg V 13:40.6 +54:20 UGC 8658 Holmberg VI N1325a 03:24.9 -21:20 Holmberg VII 12:34.7 +06:17 DDO 137, UGC 7739 Holmberg VIII 13:13.3 +36:12 DDO 166, UGC 8303 Holmberg IX 09:57.6 +69:03 DDO 66, UGC 5336 Hooked Galaxy 15:21:33 -07:27 MCG -01-39-003 near NGC 5917 in Libra (ESO PR 22-06) Horologium Dwarf 03:59.2 -21:20 also Schuster's Spiral Horsehead Nebula 05:40.9 -02:28 Barnard 33, in front of IC 434 Horseshoe Nebula N6618 M17 also Omega, Swan, Lobster, or Checkmark Nebula Hourglass Nebula < N6523 < M8 (A.D. Thackeray 1956) brightest part of the Lagoon Nebula Hourglass Planetary Nebula MyCn 18 (STScI PR 96-07) Hubble's Double Bubble Hubble 5 PN (Bruce Balick) Hubble's Variable Nebula N2261 Hyades 04:27 +16 : Melotte 25 Hydra A 09:18.1 -12:06 3C 218, MCG-02-24-007, galaxy 14.8 m_v Imprint of Foot Galaxy 12:58.7 +14:13 GR-8, Footprint Galaxy, in Local Group Ink Spot Barnard 86 dark nebula Integral Sign Galaxy 07:11.4 +71:50 UGC 3697 Intergalactic Wanderer/Tramp N2419 globular cluster (Shapley 1944) January Salt-and-Pepper N2099 M37 (Jeff Bondono and H. Frommert) Jewel Box N4755 also Kappa Crucis July Salt-and-Pepper N6705 M11 (Jeff Bondono and H. Frommert) Jupiter's Ghost N3242 also Eye Nebula, CBS Eye Kappa Crucis Cluster N4755 also Jewel Box [St.] Katherine's Wheel N4254 M99 (Francis Jacob, 1895; communicated by Bob McGown and Dareth Murray) Keenan's System N5216/6a/8 Arp 104 Kemble's Cascade 03:57.4 +63:04 Asterism Kemble 1 (Houston) Kepler's Star/Supernova/SNR 17:30.6 -21:29 SN 1604, 3C 358 Keyhole Nebula < N3372 Dark Nebula in the Eta Carinae Nebula Kidney Bean Galaxy N4774 Kowal's Object 19:29.9 -17:41 Lace-work Nebula N6960 = Filamentary Nebula, part of Veil Nebula Lagoon Nebula N6523 M8 contains the Hourglass Nebula Lambda Centauri Nebula I2944/48 Lambda Orionis Cluster 05:35.1 +09:56 Collinder 69 Lambda Orionis Nebula 05:35 +10: Sharpless 2-264, also North Orion Bubble (M. Covington) Large Magellanic Cloud, LMC 05:23.6 -69:45 "Nubecula Major"; in Local Group "LE" Cluster N2169 (McNeil, Archinal/Hynes), also "37" cluster Leo I 10:08.5 +12:18 Regulus dwarf, DDO 74, UGC 5470, Harrington-Wilson #1; in Local Group Leo II, Leo B 11:13.4 +22:10 DDO 93, UGC 6253, Harrington-Wilson #2; in Local Group Leo III, Leo A 09:59.3 +30:45 DDO 69, UGC 5364; in Local Group Leo Triplet N3623/7/8 M65/M66/NGC 3628 LGS 3 01:03.8 +21:53 in Local Group; also Pisces Dwarf Lindsay-Shapley Ring 06:42.8 -74:15 Graham A Little Dumbbell Nebula N 650-1 M76 (Sky Catalogue 2000) also Cork, Butterfly, or Barbell Nebula; Apple Core Nebula (Mike Frazier) Little Gem N6445 Little Gem N6818 (Hartung, Uranometria) Little Ghost Nebula N6369 (Steve Gottlieb) LMC, Large Magellanic Cloud 05:23.6 -69:45 "Nubecula Major"; in Local Group Lobster Nebula N6618 M17 (Steve Mencinsky) also Omega, Swan, Horseshoe, or Checkmark Nebula Lobster Nebula N6357 (Ray Palmer) also War and Peace Nebula Looped Nebula N2070 (Mark A. Chantrand III) Tarantula Nebula, 30 Doradus in LMC, also True Lovers' Knot Lord Rosse's Nebula (Galaxy) N5194 M51 Whirlpool Galaxy Lost Galaxy N4535 (RASC Galaxy Names, Jim Shields, SAC db) in Virgo Cluster Lost Galaxy N4526 (RASC Finest NGC, Jeff Bondono, L.S. Copeland) in Virgo Cluster Lower's Nebula 06:08.9 +15:49 Sh2-261 (Arnaldo Arnal, Uranometria) Maffei I 02:36.4 +59:39 UGCA 34 Maffei II 02:42.0 +59:37 UGCA 39 Maia Nebula N1432 < M45 in the Pleiades Malin 1 12:37.0 +14:20 low surface brightness galaxy behind Virgo Cluster Malin 2 low surface brightness galaxy Manger (Praesepe) N2632 M44 also Beehive Cluster Markarian's Chain N4374-4501 M84/M86/M88 + several fainter galaxies in Virgo Cluster Mayall's Object 11:03.9 +40:50 Arp 148, MCG+07-23-019 McLeish's Object N4535 McLeish's Object 20:09.7 -66:13 ESO 105-026 McNeil's Nebula 05:46.2 -00:06 DN EQ J054614-00058, a variable relfection nebula near M78 Medusa Nebula 07:29.0 +13:15 PN Abell 21, PK 205+14.1 Merope Nebula N1435 < M45 in the Pleiades; also Tempel's Nebula Merope Nebula Part I 349 < M45 Part of Merope Nebula in the Pleiades Mexican Jumping Star N2362 (Bill Arnett) = Tau CMa cluster Mice N4676 Milky Way Patch > N6603 M24 also "Delle Caustiche" Mini Cassiopeia 18:35.0 +72:23 Asterism Kemble 2 Miniature Spiral N3928 Minkowski's Object 01:25.8 -01:21 Arp 133, NE of NGC 541, in Abell 194 Cluster of Galaxies Mirach's Ghost N 404 (Deep Sky Corner) Mu Normae Cluster N6169 (Sky Catalogue 2000.0) Muscle Man Cluster 02:15.0 +59:16 Stock 2 (Deep Sky List) Network Nebula N6992/5 North America Nebula N7000 North Orion Bubble 05:35 +10: (M. Covington); Sharpless 2-264, also Lambda Orionis Nebula Northern Coalsack 20:40 +42: dark nebula Nubecula Major 05:23.6 -69:45 Large Magellanic Cloud, LMC, in Local Group Nubecula Minor N 292 00:52.7 -72:50 Small Magellanic Cloud, SMC, in Local Group October Salt-and-Pepper N7654 M52 (Jeff Bondono and H. Frommert) Omega Centauri N5139 Omega Nebula N6618 M17 also Swan, Horseshoe, Lobster, or Checkmark Nebula Omicron Canis Minorum Cl. 06:56.3 -24:44 Open Cluster Cr 121 Omicron Velorum Cluster I2391 Orion A N1976 M42 Orion Nebula Orion B N2024 also Flame Nebula Orion Nebula N1976 M42 (de Mairan's Nebula M43 is a part of it) Orion's Belt 05:35.6 -01:05 Cr 70 cluster Owl Cluster N 457 (D.J. Eicher, Deep Sky mag.), also Phi Cassiopeiae Cluster, Dragonfly Cluster, ET Cluster Owl Nebula N3587 M97 PacMan Nebula N 281 (Lars Helgeland, Jason Ware) Prawn Nebula I4628 (Ray Palmer) Pancake Galaxy N2685 Arp 336; also Helix Galaxy Papillon I 708 Parrot's Head Nebula 18:04.3 -32:30 Barnard 87 dark nebula (named by Barnard) Pavo Globular N6752 Pazimo's Cluster 03:16.2 +60:07 Stock 23 Open Cluster (U II 2000.0, W.S. Houston) Pegasus Dwarf 23:28.5 +14:44 DDO 216, UGC 12613; in Local Group Pegasus dSph 23:51.7 +24:36 also Andromeda VI, in Local Group Pelican Nebula I5067/70 Pencil N2736 Perseus A N1275/6 Perseus Double Cluster N 869/84 h+Chi Persei Phantom Streak N6741 (Deep Sky List) Phi Cassiopeiae Cluster N 457 also Owl Cluster, Dragonfly Cluster, ET Cluster Phoenix Dwarf Irregular G. 01:51.1 -44:26 in Local Group Pickering's Triangular N. < N6960 part of the Filamentary Nebula Pictor A 05:19.9 -45:47 MSH 05-43, galaxy 15.8 m_v Pinwheel Cluster N1960 M36 (Jeff Bondono) Pinwheel Galaxy N5457 M101 (Murdin/Allen/Malin 1979, Sky Catalogue 2000, RASC Observer's Handbook) Pinwheel Galaxy N 598 M33 (Burnham, RASC), also Triangulum Galaxy, prop: "Triangulum Pinwheel" Pinwheel Galaxy N4254 M99 (RASC) prop: "Coma Pinwheel" or "Virgo Cluster Pinwheel" Pipe Nebula 17:33 -26 Barnard 59, 56-7, 65; dark nebula Pipe Nebula 17:21.1 -26:47 LDN 1773, also Stem of the Pipe Nebula Pisces Cloud N 379/80/82-5 Arp 331 Pisces Dwarf 00:03.8 +21:54 LGS 3; in Local Group Pleiades M45 also Subaru or the Seven Sisters Polarissima Australis N2573 Polarissima Borealis N3172 Praesepe (Manger) N2632 M44 also Beehive Cluster Ptolemy's Cluster N6475 M7 (Ptolemy mentioned it 138 AD) Puppis A 08:24.1 -43:00 SNR, radio source Question Mark N5194 M51 (Lord Rosse), also Whirlpool Galaxy Red Rectangle 06:20.0 -10:38 AFGL 915, bipolar N near mag 8.8 SAO 151362 = HD 44179 (double) Red Spider Nebula N6537 (Bruce Balick) Reinmuth 80 N4517a 12:32.5 +00:23 UGC 7685 Reticulum Cluster 04:36.2 -58:52 Sersic 040.03, Glob. Cl. in LMC, diam 5.9, bst 14 (U II 2000.0) Reticulum Dwarf 04:36.2 -58:50 = Reticulum Glob. Cl. Retina Nebula I4406 (STScI PRC02-14) Rho Ophiuchi Complex I4603-4 + dark nebulae; interstellar cloud Rho Ophiuchi Dark Cloud 16:38: -24:06 dark lanes in Rho Oph complex Rho Ophiuchi Nebula I4604 Ring Galaxy Peculiar ring galaxy in Volans (National Audobon Society Pocket Guide p 70) Ring Nebula N6720 M57 Ring Tail Galaxies N4038-9 also Antennae Galaxies Rosette Nebula N2237-9/46 Rosse's Galaxy N5194 M51 also Whirlpool Galaxy, Lord Rosse's Question Mark Rotten Egg Nebula 07:42.3 -14:42 OH 231.8+4.2, planetary nebula in Pup (around QX Pup), also Calabash Nebula (STScI PRC99-39) Running Chicken Nebula I2944/8 Vehrenberg's Atlas of Deep-Sky Splendors (contributed by Michael Ferrio) S Nebula 17:23.5 -23:38 Barnard 72 dark nebula; also Snake Nebula SagDEG 18:55 -30..31 Sagittarius Dwarf Elliptical Galaxy; in Local Group SagDIG 19:30.0 -17:41 Sagittarius Dwarf Irregular Galaxy, Sagittarius Dwarf; in Local Group Sagittarius A 17:45.7 -29:00 Milky Way Center Sagittarius Dwarf 19:30.0 -17:41 SagDIG; in Local Group Sagittarius Star Cloud > N6603 M24 also "Delle Caustiche", Milky Way Patch Sailboat Cluster N 225 (Rod Pommier in an article in Astronomy) Salt-and-Pepper Clusters M11,M37,M52 (Jeff Bondono and H. Frommert) Saturn Nebula N7009 Schuster's Spiral 03:59.2 -21:20 also Horologium Dwarf Sculptor Dwarf 01:00.2 -33:42 MCG-06-03-015; in Local Group Sculptor Dwarf Irregular 00:08.1 -34:34 SDIG, in the South Polar (NGC 253) group Sculptor Galaxy N 253 also Silver Coin Galaxy Scutum Salt-and-Pepper N6705 M11 (H. Frommert and Jeff Bondono) SDIG 00:08.1 -34:34 Sculptor Dwarf Irregular, in the South Polar (NGC 253) group Seagull Nebula I2177 (R. Jakiel) also Eagle Nebula Seashell Galaxy 13:47.4 -30:23 Companion to NGC 5291 Serpens Dwarf 15:16.1 -00:08 UGC 9792, A 1513; Globular Cluster Palomar 5 (former Local Group galaxy suspect) Seven Sisters M45 also Subaru, the Pleiades Sextans A 10:11.0 -04:41 DDO 75, UGCA 205; in Local Group Sextans B 10:00.0 +05:19 DDO 70, UGC 5373 Sextans C 10:05.6 +00:04 UGC 5439, A 1003; Globular Cluster Palomar 3 (former Local Group galaxy suspect) Sextans Dwarf 10:13.2 -01:37 in Local Group Seyfert's Sextet N6027/27a-e Shapley-Ames 1 01:05.1 -06:13 Shapley-Ames 2 N4507 Shapley-Ames 3 12:49.4 -10:07 MCG-02-33-015 Shapley-Ames 4 12:55.2 +00:07 UGC 8041 Shapley-Ames 5 20:24.0 -44:00 MCG-07-42-001 Shapley-Ames 6 21:23.2 +45:46 Siamese Squid Nebula M2-9 bipolar nebula, also Twinjet Nebula, Butterfly Nebula Siamese Twins N4567-8 in Virgo Cluster Silver Coin Galaxy N 253 also Sculptor Galaxy Silver Sliver Galaxy N 891 (Alicia Tristan) Simeis 147 05:39.1 +28:00 Sh2-240 (Uranometria) Sleeping Beauty Galaxy N4826 M64 also the Blackeye Galaxy Small Cluster Nebula N7129 (RASC) Small Magellanic Cloud, SMC N 292 00:52.7 -72:50 "Nubecula Minor"; in Local Group Smoking Gun < N4486 < M87 (Nasa/STScI) the active center of M87 Snake Nebula 17:23.5 -23:38 Barnard 72 dark nebula; also S Nebula Snickers 06:28 +15 Possible nearby dwarf galaxy, discovered in radio (ApJL 201, L103 (1975)) Sombrero Galaxy N4594 M104 Soul Nebula I1848 (Matt BenDaniel) Southern Crab Nebula 14:11.9 - 51:26 Hen 2-104 symbiotic star nebula (STScI PRC99-32) Southern Integral Sign I5173 Southern Pinwheel Galaxy N5236 M83 Southern Pleiades I2602 Theta Carinae Southern Ring Galaxy 06:44.4 -74:11 ESO 34-IG 11 (Lautsen e.a.) Southern Ring Nebula N3132 (John Caldwell's list) also Eight-burst Planetary Spider 10:42.6 +34:27 DDO 84, UGC 5829, VV 794 Spindle N2686 Spindle Galaxy N3115 Spindle Galaxy N5866 M102? Spiral Cluster N1039 M34 (Jeff Bondono) Spirograph Nebula I 418 Splinter Galaxy N5907 Deep-Sky Wonders column (contributed by Michael Ferrio) St. Katherine's Wheel N4254 M99 (Francis Jacob, 1895; communicated by Bob McGown and Dareth Murray) Star Queen Nebula I4703 ~ M16 also Eagle Nebula, associated with the star cluster M16=NGC 6611 Starfish Cluster N1922 M38 (Jeff Bondono) Stem of the Pipe Nebula 17:21.1 -26:47 LDN 1773, also Pipe Nebula Stephan's Quintet N7317-20 Arp 319 Stingray Nebula Hen-1357 young planetary nebula Struve's Lost Nebula N1554 Subaru M45 also the Pleiades, Seven Sisters Sunflower galaxy N5055 M63 Sunflower Nebula N7293 (Deep Sky List), also Helix N Superwind-Galaxy N4666 (S. Kohle/T. Credner) Swan Nebula N6618 M17 also Omega, Horseshoe, Lobster, or Checkmark Nebula Table of Scorpius N6231 (Deep Sky List) Tadpole Galaxy 16:06.1 +55:25 UGC 10214 (STScI PRC 02-11a) Taffy Galaxies 00:01.6 +23:29 UGC 12914-5 interacting galaxy pair (Rich Jakiel) Tank tracks N2024 (Bill Arnett), = Orion B Tarantula Nebula N2070 30 Doradus in LMC, also Looped Nebula, True Lovers' Knot Tau CMa cluster N2362 (Bill Arnett), = Mexican Jumping Star Taurus A N1952 M1 Crab Nebula Taurus Dark Cloud 04:38.7 +26:03 B22 dark nebula (U II 2000.0) Tempel's Nebula N1435 < M45 Merope Nebula in the Pleiades Thackeray's Globules < I2948 Bok globules in diffuse nebula Theta Carinae I2602 Southern Pleiades Thor's Helmet N2359 (Bill Arnett) Thumbprint Nebula 12:42.9 -78:16 "bright dark nebula" (Sky Cat 2000 has wrong Dec sign ! - Kenneth Drake) Toadstool Galaxies ESO B 138+IG 29/30 peculiar galaxies in Ara Toby Jug Nebula I2220 Tom Thumb Cluster N6451 (Deep Sky List) Trapezium Cluster < N1976 < M42 Cluster of young stars in the Orion Nebula Triangulum Galaxy N 598 M33 also Pinwheel, Triangulum Pinwheel Triangulum Pinwheel Galaxy N 598 M33 also Triangulum Galaxy Trifid Nebula N6514 M20 True Lovers' Knot N2070 (Mark A. Chantrand III) Tarantula Nebula, 30 Doradus in LMC, also Looped Nebula Tucana Dwarf 22:41.7 -64:25 dSph Galaxy in Local Group Tuft in the Tail of the Dog 07:23.9 -32:12 Cr 140 (in CMa) Turtle Planetary Nebula N6210 Twinjet Nebula M2-9 bipolar nebula, also Siamese Squid Nebula, Butterfly Nebula Tycho's Star/Supernova/SNR 00:25.3 +64:08 SN 1572, 3C 10 Ursa Major A N3034 M82 Ursa Major Dwarf 11:29.3 +28:58 UGCA 237, A 1127; Globular Cluster Palomar 4 (former Local Group galaxy suspect) Ursa Major Moving Cluster Closest open cluster (70 ly), most stars of Big Dipper, and others Ursa Minor Dwarf 15:08.8 +67:12 DDO 199, UGC 9749; in Local Group V Man Cluster Stock 2 (Deep Sky List) Veil Nebula N6960,92,95 Cygnus SNR, Cygnus Loop, Cirrus Nebula Vela SNR 8:30 -45 Gum 12, the Gum Nebula. 20x12 deg extended. Contains Vela pulsar (PSR 0833-45). Virgo A N4486 M87 Active center: "The Smoking Gun", in Virgo Cluster Virgo Cluster Pinwheel Gal. N4254 M99 (prop based on RASC) War and Peace Nebula N6357 (MSX team) Whale Galaxy N4631 (Thompson & Bryan Supernova Search Charts series); also Herring Galaxy Whirlpool Galaxy N5194 M51 also "Question Mark" (Lord Rosse) White Eyed Pea I4593 (Deep Sky List) Wild Duck Cluster N6705 M11 (Smyth) Wild's Triplett 11:46.8 -03:49 Arp 248, MCG-01-30-032..4 Winnecke 4 (WNC4) M40 Witch Head Nebula I2118 WNC 4 (Winnecke 4) M40 Wolf-Lundmark-Melotte, WLM 00:02.0 -15:28 DDO 221; in Local Group X-mas Tree Cluster N2264 Zeta Sculptoris Cl. 00:04.2 -29:56 Open Cluster Blanco 1 Zwicky #2 11:58.4 +38:03 DDO 105, UGC 6955 Zwicky's Triplet 16:49.5 +45:30 Arp 103, CGCG 252-003 near UGC 10586

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